Monday, May 29, 2017

Aide De Camp Camera Bag

If you're a photographer and have a life outside your studio this is the bag for you. AIDE DE CAMP may have made the perfect camera/life bag! I've been on the desperate search for something stylish that I could fit my whole life into when the PRADA bag just isn't large enough for the everyday. I love the contemporary lines and full size. Light weight material and spacious I can combine my three bags (camera bag, laptop case, and purse) into one. With my hands free I can actually enjoy my coffee. And when I have a bit of free time I can get ahead on emails with all my electronics available to me.

We do a lot of traveling and sometime I actually have to decide on bringing only one of 4 lenses I adore and don't even think about bringing a flash! I can even fit my lap top and my day to day run around and do the 'Metropolitan Mom' thing. It truly was paining me not having my camera ready and available to me for so long. The canvas material seems like it would be easy to throw in the wash once it gets kid all over it.

There are plenty of side pockets and hidden pockets in the inside that hold the little trinkets in your life. The back side fits nicely over your luggage handle making it truly the perfect traveler's bag. The handles sit comfortably on my shoulder. Trust me, I tested it all day filled to capacity just to know if I could handle this as my all day bag. It came in just in time for my trip to Chicago this week. With this much space I plan to take my Contax 645 as well!

I actually think I could have put more in if I took more time to organize it...I might have been able to put two bodies in or one more lens. But it was 7am in the morning and I had to go get on with my day.

All I was able to fit in:
My 13" laptop
My iPad
iPhone 6
Laptop Charger
Nikon Body with 50mm attached
1 Flash
Memory Card Case
Memory Card Reader
2T External Harddrive
Memory Card Reader
PRADA wallet
Keys to my world 

 Aide De Camp did not pay me to mention anything about this bag or their company. I just really like my purchases and when I do I say something about it!

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