Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Art + Moi

Painting and crafting will always be apart of my life. Art...It's practically the only thing I can say I'm actually good at. I'm not always the perfect stepford wife, or the perfect PTA mom, and heck, sometimes I don't even make it life on time. I may make mistakes, but my creations always form themselves into what they want to be. I couldn't go through this life without putting a bit of what's in the inside of me out there to share. Make people feel something. When I photograph someone I want them to feel beautiful. When I paint I want it to connect with someone. My favorite quote I learned from Kevin (which I doubt he made this up on his own):

"It's not what you say to someone that makes a lasting impression. It's how you make them feel."

I love leaving my studio door open for passerby's who just walk in and just want to touch my wall. This is by far the largest painting I've ever done. I'm in love with it. If I ever move I'm taking this wall with me. 

The Wall
by Christa Elyce
Acrylic and Stucco
August 2016
The Silos on Sawyer

[Crapy iPhone pics taken by me and a the coolest invention...a timer.]

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