Monday, October 31, 2016

Chill in Chicago

Kev and I flew up to the great metropolitan city of Chicago. I'm a sucker for large cities and especially ones where this Bayou City gal can where sweaters and boots. Heavens knows we don't get enough of those kinds of days around here.  So we grabbed our coffee and headed out for the morning to see all that we could see and shop all that we could shop!  Day 1 we were total tourists and ate at the coolest places we could find. I had a huge list of places I wanted to go and believe it or not we couldn't even do all of them in a 3 day weekend. We stopped on Hugh M. Hefner Way (cool because I just finished reading Holly Madison's Down The Rabbit Hole) for a drink at The Drake Hotel bar where we watched a harpist plan for the ladies having afternoon tea and crumpets in the lounge with us. 

After walking the riverwalk we headed to Wrigley Field! It was pure Cubby insanity there as everyone was pumping up for game 3 in the World Series! This city is so insanely classy that even a homeless dude standing outside the W gate called out to me "That cashmere dress looks good on you, baby!" I gasped and turned to Kev! Even he knows good Italian cashmere! You can't make this stuff up. This really did happen.

We saw many magnificent things! And we saw the cubs lose game 3 at the end of our first day. Love this place! More Chicago to come....

Over The Knee Boots: Stuart Weitzman
Cashmere Sweater Dress: Club Monaco
Wool Coat: Vintage

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