Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween Fashion

Wow! Was last night not the biggest fashion show you've ever attended. Everyone that was anybody was there! Molly showed up in style in an original homemade piece designed by the ever so innovative, Mom. Materials for her one of a kind piece were collected through Amazon Prime. What mom doesn't like that!? 

When neighbors would compliment her on what a beautiful ghost she was she would respond "I'm a Fashion Ghost." I don't know what that is...but she totally did. She walked that runway like her life depended on it.

Molly's ensemble consisted of a white ballet leotard, white stockings, a toddler's dress petticoat, and battery operated LED lights. I attached the lights in the most sophisticated and state of the arc method, a office stapler.

I didn't realize the benefits of having a costume that lit up till it the sun went down. We never lost her and cars could see her. She loved the attention and I loved that she could run a tiny bit ahead of me or drag a bit behind and I could always have my eye on her. Totally beats those annoying squeaky shoes those first time parents put on their kids. Now my mind is thinking how I can attach lights to all her outfits.

And here's Brighton...I totally bought his at Target. Boys are so much easier than girls! Of course, this photoshoot would never be complete without a 'Dab'. When will that stop being a thing? Hope you have a fabulous and safe Halloween too!

And here's an awful iPhone photo of them getting their trick-or-treating on! 


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