Thursday, June 22, 2017

Kitchen Chromatic

Earlier this year we moved into our home after 3 years of building. We walked through the entire house with our builder, Allan Edwards, and he turns to me and says"When do you think you can have this place decorated by so it can be photographed for Architectural Digest?" Stunned that he even thought out home was a fit for such a reputable publication I blurted out "1 year." What a major undertaking but I'm happy to do it! We just got married so the excuse for me to play 'Suzie Homemaker' on speed just fit the spot. Finally, my NEW counter stools have arrived! I thought Kevin was going to hate them but he really thought they were the coolest thing and encouraged me to buy two more for the right side of the counter! More shopping? OOOOoookaaaaaay! Insert happy dance here!

We plan to have an official housewarming party this year so I'm really trying to prepare the decor and feng shui of the whole joint before that comes! This home is so much more of a entertaining/party home than our last. I never wanted to invite anyone over...and that was hard for me being an extrovert and adore parties! This house -- in the first week we had 2 little parties. At least once a week we have loads of friends over and hang out by our pool! We love, love, love this house. It's so us!

So you've seen the kitchen. Just wait...I'll be posting more photos of the house throughout the year. I'm looking for new furniture online shops. I love a fresh craftsman contemporary feel! Like RH Modern but 'us'! Have any recommendations of places I should check out?


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