Sunday, June 25, 2017

Morning Devour

Before I can even turn the key to opening my studio there about what seems like a million things that have to happen. The alarm goes off at 6AM and it's time to wake up my babies. All the things that it takes to get three children under the age of twelve out the door in less than 1 hour flat. 3 school drop off in 1 hour. By the time I arrive home I can get out of my pajamas, take a deep breath, and shower. At some point I have to have my coffee. Lucky for me Kevin always has a coffee ready for me when I get home or I pick up our usuals from Starbucks on the way home. I like surprising a tiny bit with his brew. It's the little things you know.

The mornings are made for emails, morning coffee and kisses, and my ATKINS recipe of eggs. One of my favorite way to have a third of my daily protein intake has a little nod to my Tejano lineage. It's a simple and quick whip up (because obviously time is not on my side) so I never have the excuse to not start my day out right.

It starts with my grocery shopping. I always shop at H-E-B and never fail to pick up their delicious H-E-B Pico De Gallo. This eliminates like 4 steps for my breakfast routine by having it already prepared. Place your Pico on your plate. I like to arrange it in a circle so my eggs can sit in the center. I love my eggs over easy or scrambled. It's just up to how I feel that morning. As they sizzle I'll sprinkle fresh black pepper them (NO SALT). Prepare them as I wish and place them over my H-E-B Pico De Gallo. To top it off I'll sprinkle a pinch of H-E-B Mexican Shredded Cheese of my eggs. And it's ready to devour!

Enjoy your morning!

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