Monday, June 5, 2017

My Microblading Experience

I lived the 90's. And it was all about the thin eyebrow. If you were also there you know we tweezed the heck out of ourselves till we only had a thin line. Naturally, trends evolve and it's all about the thick natural brows! I thought that I could never had it no matter how much I allowed myself to grow my eyebrows out! I also have a little scar over my right brow and hair never grows there. Insert sad face here. I wanted the perfect look as I make my way down the aisle next year to marry the love of my life.

An impossible trait that I had almost given up on until I met with River Oaks Medspa who are Houston's top leading medspa that perform this miracle of a procedure! They're team of professionals make you feel so comfortable through out the whole process. The procedure is painless and has instant results!

It starts with a 45 minute topical numbing process in a private and serenely calming room with a snuggly blanket and comfortable chair. I totally fell asleep. :) Next, your physician will trace the outline of your eyebrows to be certain of the symmetry. She will then match the dye that they are going to use to your eyebrows. Since I was going to color my hair a shade darker for the wedding I insisted that my eyebrows matched and she helped me select a color that looked amazing!  Once that's completed you get to relax on the chair and your physician will start to use the wand that hold 16 micro needles that with create little lines in your skin for the dye to set itself in. Just looking at the wand I couldn't see with my naked eye any sharp objections on the end. It didn't hurt a bit. The sound of it though was the only discomforting part...It was sort of rough scratching sound and it surprises you that your skin could make such a sound when brushed. The blade creates the thinnest lines that look exactly like eyebrow hairs. You really can't tell the difference! It's gorgeous and a much more natural look than my usual overly drawn in makeup eyebrows. The microblading process itself took less than 45 minutes.

When I was finished and I had the chance to look in the mirror I had never felt better! What use to take me 15-20 minutes per day to fill in my eyebrows has now been totally eliminated! I can wake up in the morning and I actually feel like I don't have to apply a full face of makeup. I can have that natural fuller brow look and save on time.

And now the AFTER RESULTS!

The procedure pricing ranges around $450. Annual touch ups are required as it is only a temporary "tattooing" of the skin area.

Thank you so much River Oaks Medspa for an amazing experience as well as the perfect results!

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