Tuesday, June 27, 2017

My Naturally White Experience

Earlier this year we went to the Super Bowl and it was time to upgrade my smile. With all the celebrities around I didn't want to blend into the background. They call it a movie star smile for a reason! Their smile is always so brilliant! I always knew that the first thing that people see first is a person's smile. I never miss a dental appointment and floss daily. But even when you can have the healthiest teeth you can have a difficult time showing it with all the dark food consumption. This lady has to have her coffee!

Naturally White was a fabulous experience. The whole treatment took 1 hour and my smile...WOW!!! They're movie star brilliant! I didn't even know how dark my teeth had gotten. I have never had my teeth professionally whitened before and now I don't think there's any other way to do it! I had calcium deposits that spotted my teeth and they were beginning to look dingy as well. When I held the mirror up to see my fresh smile, I swear, it took 2 years off. I looked a bit younger...and you know how important that is when all do is get older day by day!

I love Naturally White! I receive so many compliments on my smile which makes me smile a lot more confidently! You can learn about making appointments here or email info@naturally-white.com

Thank you for having me at your Naturally White studio and for sponsoring this blog! 

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