Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Teenager = Not A Morning Person

On any given summer day...this is the sort of sight that I see. I'll wake up early, make a quick coffee, stop by whole foods for a bouquet and pastries...and somehow by noon she can sense chocolate in the house. The aroma gets her out of bed. And that's all that I could ask for if I want to ever see my "pre-teenager" again throughout day. Man, to have a vacation state of mind!

Thankfully my camera was already nearby to document this walking dead like sighting. Ha! The pastries were for practice for a shoot after our New York trip this week. A few professional photographer girlfriends of mine and we set up dates throughout the month to photograph personal photo assignments that we've planned. I love being able to share what I've learned in my 12 years plus of photographing weddings and portraits and I learn a lot as well! Later this month it's Flavors of our Season (Favorite Foods). Can't wait! What personal photo assignments are you working on? I would love to draw inspiration and hear more about your summer projects!


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