Thursday, June 1, 2017

Wedding Thank you Cards

It's been just over 3 months since Kev and I with out families vowed to love and care for each other till death do us part! Even with 5 kids we are still over the moon for each other, though it's hard to find that alone time, we love ever minute of knowing we'll be spending the rest of our lives together. Our wedding was everything we ever dreamed of! Everything was perfect! Everyone we love -- family and friends came and of course looked amazing! The food, the music by the dj, the band, the linens, the stationary, the decor, the cake, the photos, the cocktails, the planner, the custom guest dance shoes....Can I just say it again!? EVERYTHING WAS PERFECT! I'll be sharing wedding photos very soon here.

In the mean time the lovely and talented watercolor artist, Jamie Lewis, painted a portrait of Kevin and I for our wedding thank you cards. Love it! I have the most talented friends! She makes me look so gorgeous. I just loved my dress and she painted it perfectly! These portraits make the perfect gift for a bride and groom or even the bride for her bridal shower! Go check out her work here!

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