Saturday, October 14, 2017

Friday the 13th dinner party

We had the best time last night! It was Friday the 13th and we had to do something for such an occasion. Kevin's birthday is in the same month so I combined the two! I'm not even a Halloween person. Seriously, I don't watch scary movies because I'm terrified. It means I'll run jump into bed after I turn the light off! I'm a Christmas freak truly. Kev was The Godfather. His impression at the beginning of dinner was perfect! This is the most fun I've had designing a dinner party. Thanks to my Houston friends at House of Hough, Unique Style Productions, and Red Sage Catering -- this night would not have been as AMAZING as it was!

 I was a vintage Cigarette Girl!


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  1. Awesome, i'd find something more brilliant than that to say but your photos and lovely friends smiles and characters in said photos say it all!


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