Sunday, October 22, 2017

I'm in a infomercial

I feel like this was such a long time ago, when I acted the part of "Typical Housewife" for this amazing Houston company, Tramontina. Who would believe as 30 year old women I would have the opportunity to act. In the commercial, the Induction Cooking System was to be my kitchen tool of choice. Thank goodness for the amazing Houston chef that we had on set to assist me with making delicious looking meals and some cooking techniques. Because my cooking is not nearly as neat and shiny!

On top of photography, acting has been a passion of mine since I started in musical theater in high school. When I was a kid I preferred watching films like the Bell Boy (Jerry Lewis), American in Paris, Gigi, My Fair Lady, Flash Dance, and The King and I. I couldn't get enough of it. I practiced dancing every day and night. I participated in every free workshop I could get my hands on to. I excelled in violin, cello, and taught myself guitar. I taught my self the flute. I joined community theater. I earned great parts in school musicals. Soon I was invited to be apart of an exclusive dance team for the community. Even asked to coach a youth cheer team on campus. I was at photographer and journalist for our yearbook. I auditioned for everything I could in the small NATO base in Belgium, that my father was stationed at, that I could. I wanted to learn as many skills and experience as much I could. Eventually I would win 2nd place in the Talent Show for dancing to Chicago All That Jazz...I've never had a dance class in my life. But I can tell you...I've dance all my life and I stand by that.

Every bit of what I learned from dancing, cheer, acting, and modeling taught me more how to pose models, give direction, create an independent and distinct style of my own, how angles play to light, and how to pull reactions that you desired out of your subject you were photographing.

I believe that every experience you gain and especially those you go after with all passion will manifest itself in you and make you better in something else. Maybe something else you were already so great at. Once even came close to fainting during a tryout. But each time I thought it would be the end of me...I knew I wanted it so much more than anyone else. Be a master of your art. And make sure you put your whole heart into it. Don't half ass it. Nothing every great was accomplished by the half hearted.

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