Wednesday, September 25, 2019


Yep, I can't believe I'm saying this. We have a family dog now! The children have been begging for years and I finally gave in. We adopted Mabel this month. She is clever and sweet. She really has taken to Winter. They're inseparable! But, oh my goodness, this is challenging!

What I've learned about having a dog and children...that no matter how many kids you have it's never enough help to care for a baby puppy. She's excitable and can be rowdy at times. She loves attention and will bark if you don't give it to her. We adopted Mabel from a rescue agency. We don't know what sort of breed she is. But we've heard Cocker Spaniel quite a bit. She knows how to follow the "sit" command and she's starting to get a handle on her potty training. 

Each week we try to have a family meeting each week. My youngest usually uses this time to tattle on her older siblings. But this week we discussed the responsibilities of having a dog in the family. The kiddos agreed to share the responsibility, to walk the dog, to feed the dog, etc. So far they've been so great with our new addition. 

But the dynamic that Mabel has had on our family is phenomenal. Her personality compliments our family so well. She's just a lot like us. I've never owned a dog like this! The kids are so happy and it makes Mommy happy to. 


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