Wednesday, September 25, 2019

My TruSculpt Experience on Great Day Houston

There's so many great blessings that being a mom of 3 beautiful children has given me. I love taking care of these babes. I love laughing with them. Waking up each day to see their little personalities evolve and mature that I can even see what the adult in them is going to be like. I truly think that I'm that mom that's going to want to hang out with my 3 little best friends when they grow up. They've given me so much --- Even an inner tube of stubborn fat around my mid section and stretch marks.  

I had tried everything to remedy the place on my new mommy body that I had now become self conscience about. From wraps, cremes, lessening my carb in take to only 20 grams (Sometimes 40 grams a day if I wanted to divulge a bit), pushing myself to work out 5 days a week, wearing waist trainers, and what ever crazed fade is going on that month. But nothing seemed to work.

Check out my experience on Great Day Houston. Debra Duncan gets TruSculpt on air!


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