Friday, November 8, 2019

A Letter to My Entrepreneur Friends

Hello You!

Gosh, it's been a while since we've talk, but I'm sure at some point we've both been meaning to call each other. I want to catch up with you! I can't believe the year is almost over. I’m just so excited for the new year and all it will bring! I know you've got to have big plans for yourself but also for your business for 2020! I’ve been watching so many of you all on your social media and you’re absolutely killing it! And you’re motivating me! But I wanted to reach out to you and plug myself a little bit here into your 2020 marketing plans. 

As I’ve really dived into Commercial Photography this past year I researched and found that unique and engaging photos are absolutely essential to your business growth. We all know that potential clients are far more likely to react to an image before they begin reading your post, becoming a follower, or visiting your website. But did you know that having images unique to your business are just one way to push your way up the ladder to the Google SEO algorithm Gods that be? It's true. Google absolutely loves crawling to find photos that haven't been seen anywhere else as opposed to the same repetitive stock photos you find in search. Using unique images will optimize your SEO to your website and will gain higher ranking than even your larger competitor. 

I'm here for you! I miss it when we use to hang out and chat up how we could help grow each other's business. I always have so many great ideas to share with you. There are so many way to reach your following and also reach new potential clients! These are the types of projects I've noticed my recent clientele have been trending on:

  • Original photos for their website & blog posts
  • Professional Portraits of themselves and staff
  • Flatlays or Commercial images of products for social media or website
  • Photos of their shop, office, studio, spa, or home! 
  • Lifestyle portraits of them doing the thing - whatever it is! Yoga, baking, wrapping presents, decorating, working their booty off in your gorgeous office!

I just want the best for you this year! Your work is essential to the Houston market and if you're reading this you've definitely been inspiration to me. If you have a special project or beginning to envision your new branding for your company I want to be a part the magic. Please write back. ;)

Best Wishes,
Christa Elyce


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