Sunday, December 15, 2019

A Photographers' dream

This is finally happening! It started out with just being daring and painting my dining room black. (Literally, the Behr paint color is called "Black".) And I knew what this room was missing. I had always dreamed of a cluster of my photos covering a large wall. I zipped over to Ikea to purchase what seemed like a gazillion frames of different orientations. Way too many frames! More than I needed but they're cheap and I felt I could through caution to the wind and return what I didn't need later. I didn't have a mapped out plan. But I knew that if I can puzzle together a 5,000 piece puzzle I can probably handle this with a little help. The key is having a large enough space to lay them out on the floor and finding the center of the room. Starting from the middle and working my way out. I wanted to try to flip patterns around and somehow make it work but you know Ikea stuff - there's always that one peg that won't fit so I was going to have to make some compromises with my Photo Wall. I kept the top of the frames the same distance from the crown molding all the way across but the bottom would be off and create this trickle-down effect on the whole thing.  My inspiration was drawn from my many visits to Manhattan, and the many celebrity photo wall displays, and well, of course, Pinterest. (Darn, you Pinterest! The things you make us do!)

Image Source: Pinterest

  Image Source: Pinterest

Some of my best meals and memories have been in Manhattan and I wanted my dining room to reflect as such a memorable ambiance! As a professional photographer by trade, I knew it would be a project that would put me on an assignment to recreate sophisticated celebrity styled images like those I've seen but were personal to my own family and home. I'm thinking of classic black and white images. I know typically most would make prints at their local shop but a pro photographer knows that those sorts of labs run their black and whites through the same printer they process their color prints and are true black and white. I have my professional labs but always highly recommend Mpix to all my clients as they are the sister company to my pro lab and have True Black & White printers. I don't mess around. 

I can't wait to complete this project. I'm collecting my images now and hopeful to get this up and ready for our New Years' party in my new home. I'm on the search for a new chandelier that hones in on the same aesthetics as an art deco period Edison bulb awning.

 Photo Source: Pinterest
Photo Source: Pinterest

And I think I found exactly what I've been searching for. They had it on (for a lot less than they are selling it on but it's now sold out. (Insert my grown-up tantrum here.) So it will be a while until I have exactly what I want. But that's what's makes my dreams so good...patience. I know that if I still love it a month from now (from scouring the internet for something similar) and I still love it. I know it's meant to be and I'll just add myself to the waitlist. If anyone sees this anywhere else for a better price please let me know! Help me make my dreams come true!
Can't wait to share the finished project and the photos I decided to frame! Coming soon!

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