Monday, December 30, 2019

Be Good To People

Heading into the new year with major goals, resolutions, but also with a motto to live by. There has been so much that my family and I have had to over come these past couple years. And still we have so much love. It's those friends and family that share their laughs and smiles with you and even those strangers that let you go ahead of you at Target check out were kind and make you feel special when you're not having the brightest of days. I'll be forever grateful for that. It has made me a better person. So, last month when I was on our annual Houston Nutcracker Market shopping trip we saw the BE GOOD TO PEOPLE stand with their simple message that struck a chord with us. Malcolm didn't hesitate to purchase a few shirts. He put his on immediately, and I'm not going to lie, he looked incredible because he felt great in his shirt and I had to take him into the studio. Malcolm has never had a social media presence and felt like this message is something he might be able to share too. I was ecstatic when we heard from the BE GOOD TO PEOPLE company that they would love to see more of my work with their products. 

Here is his debut photos to his Instagram @officialmccourt 

I was so excited to see a box covered in adorable black and white labels with BE GOOD TO PEOPLE logo at my home front door! I couldn't help myself show you our candid surprise to what could be in the box. Watch my video above to see all that was in the BGTP box.

And being the product photographer that I am I couldn't resist putting the whole family up to an impromptu modeling photoshoot. The kids are so use to photographing them so this request is like any other Tuesday. But this time they absolutely loved being wrapped up cozy in their pull overs and accessories. And my youngest loves stickers, pencils and pens, and paper like no other! We love that we can share the BE GOOD TO PEOPLE message and now get 20% off your purchase at BEGOODTOPEOPLE.COM using code CESTUDIO20 



Now get 20% off your purchase at BEGOODTOPEOPLE.COM using code CESTUDIO20 

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