Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Our Urban Garden during quarantine

We've been getting creative with all sorts of home activities for the children. Supplementing their homeschool education with hands on activities. Follow our blog to see more activities and how to acclimate to the new normal! The kids are happy to share their activity with their friends and family while social distancing through Great Day Houston with Debra Duncan show very soon!

We didn't have the luxury of time with school approaching to build custom garden boxes and it would have been an added expense. We purchased tubs from Target. Most tubs are already laying around most of our homes and usually are very inexpensive. Brighton figured out the math and found that it takes 2 bags of soil to fill one tub. He calculated the math for 9 tubs and how many plants we could put into each. It was a great experience for them to explore photosynthesis and we're looking forward to cooking with their new garden veggies!

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