Tuesday, August 4, 2020

A Star Is Born Photo Recreation

And there are times that you have to humor his artistic requests. Ever since Malcolm saw the photo of Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper for A Star Is Born he was giddy to see if we could recreate that. He really felt that it was us and how we love each other. I love him like crazy but I'm not really sure that he stayed awake enough to see the end of the movie. :) We just won't say anything, will we? 

My home studio is just off of my kitchen. It's a rather large space and I knew as soon as I saw this space when we moved in last year that it would become my home studio. It's a good thing I built this in -- who would know that a pandemic would transpire this year and we'd all be working from home for weeks?
I would usually set a timer and get this but the kids are home from school and it's high time they learned the family trade. ;) Molly hit the trigger for us. I set up the lighting the best way I figured they may have done it to get that shadow. I had studied the morning and judging by the light in the eyes and the shadows and highlights how this image was taken. The original image of Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper was a composite of two images. So I did the same when it came to post production. Took the two images and modeled them together. 

Above is the inspiration photo and below is the first part of the composite that made the final image at the very top of this post. I finished it with layers and layers of different galaxy type hues and then two overlays of the galaxy/universe images. Can't wait to print this for our dining room wall!


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