Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Brighton's First Eye Appt

I started noticing that Brighton was squinting a lot lately. Brighton loves playing video games with his friends, creating animations, and using his eye pad. With school just around the corner I knew it was probably time to take him to see our neighborhood optometrist at ProOptix since we found out that his schooling would all be virtual this year. Brighton's main concern was discussing his gaming advantages with better eye care and eye sight. He learned a lot about eye strain from looking at screens and how it affects his eye health. It was eye opening for him! ;) Pun intended!

I really thought he would be nervous but he was really excited. It was great to see that new technology eliminates you from having to have your eyes dilated and the time it takes to take effect and wear off. Lucky guy! That's not how it was when I was a kid. 

ProOptix was great at taking all the proper precautions for our city's fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. You text them from your car to let them know you've arrived. They only allow one patient at a time into the office. There's even a cup to dispose of used pens once you've filled out the initial forms.

That's the kid's eyeball! He would keep asking if it looks nice and healthy. 

He struggled through some of the smaller letters. I mean, seriously, I still couldn't do as well as him.

He found these Ray-Bans that he absolutely loved. He had a chat about needing lenses that had added protection for his eyes from all the computer time he'll be spending with school and his friends virtually. I normally would have opted out from blue light protection and glare but now I see how absolutely vital it is. This little dude is ready for school now! Even if it's not in the real classroom this year.


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