Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Driveway Converted to Courtyard

It might have been an impulsive project but it had to be done. Since our home had now become the only place you could hang out, do all your work, and teach school since the Covid-19 pandemic it was time to make our outdoor space a bit more livable. We truly didn't have this at all planned out but within a matter of a week Malcolm and I were so in sync with how we were going engineer and design what would be our courtyard. 

    We had a wishlist of what we thought we could do without breaking the bank. We went to our neighborhood Home Depot and pick up bags of dirt, white rose bushes that were half off, and splurged a little on the out door uplighting. Spending just a bit more than we wanted on uplighting made all the difference in the world. 

    Our drive way had become the place where we could watch the kids play and we like outdoor living so we needed some lush greenery out there. I found these amazing 6"x8" Turf Outdoor Rugs at Target and placed them side by side. I used my RedCard and saved 5% off my purchase too! We already had an empty brick garden box to frame the space and it instantly transformed the space for a place for us to lay on for picnics. Put out a bistro table or even just a place to play with out dog, Mabel. 

Our next and probably our biggest project yet was the eye sore of our side house where you could see the garbage cans. So ew! 


    We decided that this just wasn't our style and we had to do something about it. Malcolm and I (but really I was the brains of this operation - Mal is the know how and muscle) engineered something that allowed air to pass through it. Was light enough for install and would completely disguise the alley way. 
    So we wanted our Courtyard to be something that reminded us of how Malcolm and I met.  Malcolm and I had randomly met one Tuesday night at Brasserie 19. It had to be a Boxwood Wall. I had looked high and low at different shops and wasn't willing to pay the price when we could pretty much make it ourselves at the same quality.

We measured the length of our space and looked up on how many of these trellises and how many of these 20"x20" Boxwood Panels we would need. We had a spare long board for the base from a previous project (See Hiding Air Conditioning Units Project) and black paint from painting our dining room (which is still in progress but I'll share soon). We knew we would rather use black zip ties than nails to make sure that the squares were secure and it didn't ad much weight to the wall. Plus the last thing you want are fallen nails in your driveway.

We used our saw to cut the 3rd trellis to fit the last length of the fence. We drilled all the trellis bottoms to our painted black base. We secured all three trellises to each other using zip ties. I like these zip ties because you don't have to waste time cutting them because you just twist them and they break off. They're very durable so your hands may get a little raw from twisting so many. 

It took use both and with the fence propped again our brick we made sure that the boxwood panels were flat and stretched so they didn't appear to bulge any which way before zip tie-ing them. We measured this out so perfectly that I only had to order 1 order of 12 boxwood panels. We had probably 6 inches scrap left after this. 

It already fit snugly into the fence space between the column and the corner of the fence but we went ahead and heavy duty zip tied it to every other bar of the fence (top, middle, and bottom). 

Malcolm just wanted to trim it perfectly. I mean it does kind of look like a real hedge. Our neighbors love it so much!

And now the absolutely favorite thing we love about our back patio space. The Bed Swing we found on Facebook Marketplace for $300. This was the most tedious project because we had to be sure we hung it from the beams of the driveway port. 

We requested it be painted black before we picked it up and the seller did it! We had to purchase chain for it because the rope that came with it was too short. Besides the chain was sturdy and I can always cover it up with material. We already had a spare twin mattress that the young ones had grown out of. And too many extra couch pillows to shake a stick at. So all I need to purchase was an outdoor waterproof mattress cover. The clock was a broken clock that Malcolm refused to get ride of so I told him to take the face off the backing and paint it black. It worked perfectly in the space. The topiaries I purchased from Amazon as well and the pots actual came with the house though they were an ugly brown, it wasn't anything a can of spray paint couldn't fix. 

I'm really happy with the transformation. And now it's an extended outdoor space we enjoy!

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