Monday, August 3, 2020

The Dining Room Project - Part 1

After our first trip to Restoration Hardware, Malcolm and I decided it was time to finish our Grand Dining Room before the months got away from us and the holidays arrived. The dining room has been empty for months since I've taken our old table (that just didn't match our style anymore) to my studio office building. I've been excited for the first time Malcolm and I to made our first furniture purchase as a couple. We finally finished our Grand Living Room last week and we were ready to tackle the space we would have our most memorable memories and Sunday suppers. So last Saturday we decided we'd spend the day together (no kids) and furniture shop. We went to High Fashion Home. No luck. Nothing stood out to us that we could both get excited about. We searched online during our lunch. And I found the gorgeous table and chairs on Restoration Hardware site. Mal had never been to RH and so we zipped over to our neighborhood RH in Highland Village here in Houston. Malcolm's mouth dropped to the ground and he absolutely loved it all! The table and chairs were ordered and then it was time to find the centerpiece of our room. The lighting! This was the most important thing to me. I fell in love with the 1920's appeal of the Odeon Clear Glass Rectangular Chandelier (71"). I took a look at the price tag and wasn't loving that. I was sure I could find the exact same thing for a fraction of the price. Oh, I searched! And I found it - Retro Palladium Glass Rectangular Chandelier (71") at Gallery Chandelier for $849! I love being right! It's practically the same one if not where RH gets theirs! 

Of course this would mean we would have to install it ourselves but the savings were worth it. Installing it was only a bit confusing as it didn't come with instructions and I wouldn't recommend installing it yourself unless you were highly experienced in doing your own lighting. Malcolm and I have done some many projects around our home that included wiring and electricity that we knew this wouldn't be a walk in the park unless we had the proper tools to make it so. First we had to find the black and white cords by using a continuity meter we borrowed from our friends. The cords weren't labeled so it would have been impossible to guess without the meter. We did a lot of balancing acts trying to get this thing sorted. It's definitely a two person job and I highly recommend two ladders to help you out. 

The hanging of the glass prisms was the tedious part but our adrenaline was going and we were excited to see the final results. Overall this project took us about 2.5-3 hours to complete. This is the finest piece we've installed yet! I'm over the moon! And though we splurged a bit on the table and chairs I couldn't justify spending as much one piece of furniture that cost as much as the whole dining set combined! We can't wait for the table and chairs to arrive in 2 days! 

Next on our list:
  1. Dining Table
  2. 10 Chairs
  3. 6 Drape Panels
  4. 2 Curtain Rods
  5. Dining Sideboard 
  6. Black & White Family Photo Wall

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