Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Home Studio - The Quick Equipment Tour

There has been some pretty nice things that happened in the adaptions that we've been forced to make lately. Though the pandemic hasn't been easy, to say the least, we have gotten time to have a self inspection of each of our own lives. I could see the places in my life that weren't letting me live my fullest. And like me, some clientele were taking advantage of the down time for rebranding, updating photos, building content, and began leaving products at my door to photograph. It's been so awesome seeing how Houston business owners have found the silver lining. It's also been amazing seeing that through this all many friends of mine, both in life and through social media, have decided to also take this time to follow their heart and consider a career change. And some have inspired to be photographers for the longest time. I've been promising to write this blog post for ever for them. And today you'll find my essentials for Studio by Christa Elyce equipment list!

Since the stay at home order, I began shooting regularly in my home studio that we fitted out. The first thing had to be installed was a motorized backdrop system. I found mine on Amazon and luckily for me Malcolm is super clever and handy because it didn't come with directions and mainly in Chinese. I was sick of setting up the traditional stands and bar every time I wanted to shoot at home (that old backdrop system now is in my traveling studio kit which pretty much my below photo).

There was a dead space off of my kitchen. I seriously can't think of what people would have done with the space in the 80s (around when my home was built). It was a space for a tv that sits inset of the opposite wall to the back patio. I've made that my storage area. It's perfect for light stands, my Replica Surfaces, posing apple boxes, ring light, video slider, more 4ft paper backdrops, and a few other photography odds and ends. This is what my home studio normally looks on a random day after a shoot. I'm not messy but give me a break...I just had a shoot the day before. Access to our back patio on the left and retro entertainment space converted to studio storage on the right under stairs landing.

I found these Backdrop Foam Holders from Amazon. They've been a God send of a product to store my Savage Paper Backdrops on display. I bought two because the paper was getting out control and I'm thinking of purchasing another (I have a backdrop purchasing problem). It really has turned into a space I can work! I have to move the kitchen table sometimes but it's much larger than other studio spaces I've had in the past. (Plus, the kitchen table makes it for a consult space or prep table. And for food shoots my kitchen is just right there for prep). I also have space to handle professional business portraits so it was necessary to have the Posing Table and Stool. Another purchased I've been crazy about it my foldable and portable V Flats from V-Flat World. 

So here is the list:

Nikon D850
Nikon D800
Nikon D700
3 Godox Speedlights
Godox Transmitter
3 Elinchrom Lights
Nikkor 70-200mm 
Nikkor 24-70mm 
Nikkor 50mm 
Nikkor 85 mm
Nikkor 100mm Macro
Phottix Transmittor and Remotes
Portable External Hard Drive
Sekonic Light Meter
Manafrotto Tripod

So many light stands to count

Here are some photos that I've photographed in my studio or on location with my equipment.

Hopefully I answered a lot of questions about my studio! 


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