Tuesday, January 19, 2021

From Salvation to Restoration

Part of my 2021 goal is to complete our master bedroom. When my eldest daughter, Winter, told me that shopping at the "Salvation Army is where it's at these days, Mom." I think my eyes rolled so hard they almost fell out of their sockets. I love the thought that Winter has this whole Pheobe Buffay 'furniture with a story' vibe. I'm a fan of Girl Boss, just like the next person, but a gem like this doesn't come along every day; it's work searching for these babies!

After two unsuccessful trips to second-hand shops in the Houston area, we made our way to the Salvation Army. My mouth dropped at the amount of furniture they had, and all in excellent condition. I immediately fell in love with this dresser from the brass hardware and beaded detailing. And when I fall in love with something, it's like the scene from The Beautiful Mind - it reveals what it wants to be to me! I mean, check out all that potential in the 'before' picture!

To make it even crazier, it was discounted another 10%. I mean, for the original price, I already felt like it was a steal, $175. So, I went to the register.  The sweet shop lady said, "There is an additional 20% off, on top of the 10%."  I  acted calm with a simple "Thank you," but I was dancing like Paula Abdul from the inside, I hit the jackpot.

You don't have to sand the piece, but it certainly has to be cleaned well. We used this 3M Quat Disinfectant. I guess we shouldn't have been surprised when we looked at our wipes, and they were just covered in orange nastiness. It seemed to have stripped a layer of the stain off with it.

Going into this project, I knew that I would use chalk paint. I had no idea it was in a spray can. Spray painting is something I can totally jump on board with since Malcolm has become the master of spray painting since finding the attachment, which helps make the method smoother. If there's anything you want in your project toolbox, it's the spray can attachment thingy. Malcolm took off the hardware and went to town on spraying it. I noticed his technique is to spray down on the surface, so there's a limited chance of the paint running or the dreaded drip effect. To quote my famous supermodel friend, Zoolander, He's not just "really, really, really good looking."

I really can't be more impressed with how this turned out. Finally, we have a place for our "socks and small's." We have been using our nightstands to store our little clothing articles, but we all have to grow up sometime. And I don't love it when my teenage daughter is right..., but this day I absolutely love it.


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