Sunday, January 3, 2021

Moveable Faux Fireplace

As part of our New Year's resolution Malcolm and I wanted to focus on finishing the design of our bedroom. Part modern, part glam, and part regal. That's kind of how you can explain our couple design. Our home is about 40 years old so it can get quite chilly in the bedrooms. Yes, 40 something degrees is freezing to us in Houston. It all started with an idea to just get a stylish heater. Until we saw this amazing Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace.  Like any true Texan woman I wanted the biggest one I could find. Sixty inches of amazing! It has 9 color settings. But the best part - it heats so well too! I highly recommend it. But it just felt like something was missing - it clearly was an eye catching feature to our room now. I got to sketching!

I sort of eyeballed how tall I wanted it to come and how far out I wanted it to go past the 60" frame of the fireplace. The drawing above only has my estimates. It actually ended up 48" tall and 78" wide and 5.5" deep. I also wanted to design it so that if we decided to move it was something that we could take with us and not leave a hole in the wall for us to have to work on. We began making our list of supplies we needed. We had all the major tools we needed to cut the wood. We just needed wood panel, wood, screws, panel pins, L brackets, white paint to match our wall, wood putty, wood for the trim, and sanding bars. We headed our nearest hardware store and got our shop on!

I love Malcolm when he gets in the project mood zone! While we've made things and fixed things around the house quite a lot --- but we've never made a piece of furniture. So measuring twice and cut once was super at play here. To kick it all off we cut the panel to size. It was perfect that the panel was perfectly 48" tall. We cut it to 78" in length. 

We used the framing boards to help us keep our jigsaw in a straight line. I love Malcolm's little ways to make cutting much more accurate. 

We went back to our board and traced the opening of the fireplace. We made holes in the corners so we can start and stop where needed. 

Time to get to the framing boards. We cut them to size. We screwed them together on the outside and starting drilling the L brackets to give it extra stability. 

Now we attached our front panel to our fresh cut frame! I just started getting so excited (insert personal dance party here) when I could see it really coming together. We used panel pins to attach it. They're low profile and super easy to fill in with wood putty. I knew it would take a day or so more to put the finishing touches on it but it was looking so good! 

Now for the wood trim part! Well, Malcolm did this part on his own and didn't tell me as I was preparing dinner so I didn't get photos of it. Bummer. But here is what it looks like with it attached with it's 45 degree cut. Boom!

Fill in the uneven parts with the wood putty. Especially those wood knots (well, of course, not unless you want that look). You'll have to let it dry for a bit. I was so anxious to see this thing done it was really a test of patience for me. Once it dried we went to town to sand it perfectly. 

All sanded down - now what?! Well a few months ago I had bought Malcolm a paint gun from Amazon. We tried for ages to try to get it to work but it just was such a mess. Literally, it spit, leaked, and did not paint at all! Our hands were covered in paint by the end of it. So needless to say that we did not get photos of us painting it. We always keep fresh rollers and paint trays in our paint cabinet. We originally had wanted to do a faux concrete finish on our piece. I had done one before and loved it, but Malcolm suggested we go with the contemporary flair and make it "look like it has always been there". The Alison Victoria in me (Windy City Rehab) loved those words and agreed!

We really couldn't wait to get it up the stairs to our bedroom. I grabbed the two last empty frames from my STUDIO and placed them on top. Oh I can't wait to decorate this! I can't wait to take photos to fill these.

We took off the face of the fireplace and placed our new fireplace mantel. We did find that we could get it closer to the wall if we just took a small chunk out of the base trim to fit it around the wall molding. We put the fireplace glass face back on (it hooked right in) and even though the fireplace was solid in place the added pressure of the fireplace glass face really keep it secure. 

I still wonder what it would look like with a concrete finish, but now that's its primed and painted its one less step if I do decide to do a concrete finish on it in the future. I do absolutely love it as is. It's perfect to me and I'm glad that it's something that Malcolm and I can take it with us if we do ever move from this dream home to our next dream home. I got another fireplace for my daughter Winter's room since her room is the next coldest room. Another project just waiting for us!

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