Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Houston Realtor - Christine Lombardi

This past week I got to work with the fabulous Christine Lombardi. She's incredibly talented women, wife, and mother to twins and who happens to also be a successful Houston realtor. I really enjoyed getting to know her throughout our shoot. We squeezed as many outfits we could in her photoshoot to give her optimum variety for future content. I couldn't believe it but within 2 hours she got in 7 outfits! Our goal was to showcase her as a professional, a women, an entrepreneur all in a lifestyle setting.  Content is king these days and while we have endless apps and abilities to help us build and market our company. You need constant fresh content to reach potential clientele -- that says who you are, how experienced you are in your industry, and how cool and approachable you are! I think we did just that with Christine's first shoot with Houston Studio. Cant' wait to work with her on many other shoots through out the year!


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